why polpack?

If you have had any problems when shipping wine, now is the time to ship it safe with Polpack.

all about polpack

For international wine shipping,
Polpack is the answer to it. Why Polpack?
Polpack’s Long-lasting Air
Once the air is injected into Polpack, it lasts longer than other companies’ products.
When you blow a balloon and leave it, the air will leak over time. Unless physical finishing touch is given, the air that has entered will eventually escape. Other manufacturers say the air will never leak, but whichever film you use, the air leakage is inevitable.
To remarkably compensate for this problem, Polpack selected films and developed an air injection device to maintain air for a longer time. To explain the film in more detail, Polpack uses wide range of Dry Lamination Film + Dry Lamination Film or Dry Lamination Film + Co-extrusion Film (For Top Cover), and sometimes Co-extrusion + Coextrusion Film depending on the product conditions.
This not only gives stability and various types of films, but also price competitiveness. Competitors mainly or solely use a single film of Co-extrusion Film + Co-extrusion Film for sales margin. However, Polpack does not combine only low-cost films for maximizing production margins. This way, various material selection of Polpack gives beneficial options to customers depending on their preference.
Suitable for international
wine shipping
In long-term shipping, the box may sometimes be thrown, tumbled over, or receive a strong impact from a plumb downfall. Conventional styrofoam or paper packages often cannot withstand these impacts and in cases of high class wines, situations may get difficult.
On the other hand, Polack can  prevent these delivery accidents since its designed for the air to surround the wine bottle. It fits perfectly into a wine bottle and is also ideal for long-term shipping as the air stays almost intact for at least 3 to 6 months.
This is why Polpack can be a good protector when sending wines from a winery to an overseas partner. Even if the process is delayed in overseas delivery or customs, it will still arrive
safely to your business partner because the air will maintain for a long time. Finally, Polpack brings great benefits for the recipient as well.
The volume of Polpack can greatly be reduced by evacuating the air after delivery, which is also efficient for waste disposal.


Easy and comfortable for senders, safe for recipients!
Introducing the strength of Polpack.
Polpack is easy to use. Packaging process can be done with just one simple air inflation. Also its small volume and lightness reduce transportation cost and environmental use compared to the traditional packing materials.
It is designed to inflate and fit the shape of the product. So it prevents the wine from moving inside.
Also, this protects the product safe from strong shocks. Each of the air pillars is independent, so even if one pillar is damaged, other pillars are not affected at all and stay safe.
Safety First Cushioning Design
Polpack is a wine-only exclusive packaging material that has been studied for many years and has a special design structure.
A typical example is the air-cushioning structure to protect the bottom of the wine bottle. It can firmly protect even with pressure from the top.
Easy Air Injection with a Single Touch
With a single injection of air, Polpack gets a perfect shape.
Polpack air injector is different from other companies’ products that require direct pumping. Single-touch operation inflator dramatically reduces packing manpower, strength, and time.
It can maximize efficiency in the packaging process.
Packaging Materials and Boxes Fit Perfectly
Air-injected polpack allows wine bottels to fit perfectly, and the customized box coincides with each standard size of Polpack.
This guarantees a shake-free delivery of the wine, minimizing the impact and damage during short-to-long term delivery.
Paper-Like Volume and
Feather-Like Lightness
Polpack’s original shape is very thin before infusing the air. Compared to conventional packaging materials made of thick paper or Styrofoam, it’s very small in volume.
It doesn’t take up a lot of storage space and you can simply stack it on a shelf like a paper.